Staten Island Veteran Group, was started in 2012, as a way to help veterans come in contact with other heroes, who share the same experience as themselves. Since then, it is grown to over 780 members, and has participated in several important local events, such as the the Hurricane Sandy Staten Island Strong Gala, at the Excelsior Grand, as well as organizing a candle lighting ceremony for a local hero, who died at war, which garnered over 600 people.

But over the last few months, discussions have been brought up, about becoming a Non Profit 501 (c) organization, which due to lack of funding is next to impossible.

With the 501 (C)3, it would allow us to being to get funding for the creation of the first and only halfway home for veterans on Staten Island.  Providing the veteran with temporary shelter,  food, job placement, education assistance, and help in combating addictions to drugs and alcohol.

Please help us, as we try and help our brothers and sisters at arms, and make a difference like no other Veteran group has ever done before.

Please visit








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